This week’s New In Chess Podcast episode features a narration from “The Essential Sosonko”, a collection of chess portraits based on personal stories authored by chess grandmaster Genna Sosonko.

This episode delves into the life and career of one of the greatest chess players of all time: Garry Kasparov. The "Beast of Baku," whose matches with Anatoly Karpov redefined the format of the World Championship match, was feared by many for his deep preparation and knowledge of the opening.

After announcing his retirement from chess in 2005, Kasparov pursued his political ideals. His fierce opposition to the practices of the Russian political elite forced him to leave Russia. But his energy and fierceness are nonetheless as strong as they have always been.

With "His Unlimited Struggle" Genna presents a rather belated 55th birthday present to the thirteenth World Chess Champion: Kasparov turned 60 mere months before The Essential Sosonko was released. Enjoy this week’s episode of the New In Chess Podcast! Remember, you can find us on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, making it convenient for you to browse the chapters and listen to your favourite parts.


00:00 Introduction
01:23 "The worst of the vices is to be over 55 years old"
05:26 How Garry became as good as he was
07:39 Garry set the standard with his dedication to the study and preparation of the opening
09:51 Sosonko's impressions of "Garik"
11:27 Garry dominates the world of chess for 15 years
12:45 Garry retires from chess 13:09 Going into politics: Garry is forced to leave Russia
14:15 AD BREAK
14:47 Chess is only one of Garry's outstanding talents
17:33 "I won't spare myself": Garry's unlimited struggle
19:45 Smear campaign in Russia: the chess speaks for itself, and time will tell
25:37 10 years of having left Russia
28:01 Garry's move to the United States
29:17 "One has to live long..."