The Day Kasparov Quit

and other chess interviews
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What goes on in some of the sharpest minds on earth?

Ten years after his bestselling "Finding Bobby Fischer", Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam has collected a new series of intimate portraits of the top grandmasters of chess.

Ten Geuzendam wins the confidence of Garry Kasparov, Miguel Najdorf, Vishy Anand, Judit Polgar, David Bronstein, Hikaru Nakamura and many others.

He meets the living legends of chess in Buenos Aires and Istanbul, Moscow and New York. Vladimir Kramnik explains how the Czech ice hockey team inspired him to beat Kasparov, while Henrique Mecking reveals that Jesus helps him to find the correct move.

Anyone attracted by the mystique of the royal game will love the behind-the-scenes stories about the masters’ struggle to win, their fear of losing, and the striking difference between the European and the American chess scene.

Centre stage is occupied by the great Garry Kasparov, who topped the world rankings for more than 20 years, a feat unparalleled in any sport.

Kasparov’s dramatic retirement from professional chess marks the end of an epoch. An epoch which The Day Kasparov Quit evokes in fascinating detail.

Lubosh Kavalek, The Washington Post:
"A master interviewer."

Luke McShane, The Sunday Express:
"Quite simply, a gem of book."

British Chess Magazine:
"Ten Geuzendam somehow manages to get the confidence of his subjetcs despite asking them sharp and challenging questions."

Australian Chess:
"Where top chess players frequently have a loose tongue."

Eric Schiller:
"The world's best chess interviewer. Go out and buy a copy."

Mark Weeks,
"Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam probably knows more about the contemporary international chess scene than any other chess journalist in the world."

John Watson, The Week in Chess:
"Pure gold."

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July 21, 2005
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New In Chess
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