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Chess Opening News

The Yearbook is read by club players and professionals in more than 50 countries. The backbone of every Yearbook are the more than 25 Opening Surveys, covering an amazing variety of variations. In each Survey a real expert introduces a new idea in a fashionable line, a forgotten opening or a wild gambit. The explanation of the strategic ideas is followed by a comprehensively annotated game and a selection of relevant games, always with supporting notes.

  • 4 issues a year
  • more than 1,000 pages brimming with new opening ideas
  • more than 25 opening surveys per issue
  • more than 75 training exercises
  • fashionable lines, wild gambits and forgotten variations
  • worldwide opening discussions
  • Victor Bologan on trends and topics
  • honest book reviews by Glenn Flear
  • for casual club players and chess professionals
  • attractive subscription prices

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2019 Publication date
Yearbook 130: March 7
Yearbook 131: June 4
Yearbook 132: September 5
Yearbook 133: December 5


What people say about the Yearbook:

'The fact that there is explanatory text makes the Yearbook much more suitable than the Informator for the average amateur.’
Tim Harding in Chess Mail Magazine

‘There is no better way to keep track of opening fashions.’
British Chess Magazine

‘A must-have book for both chess enthusiast and chess professional. Even the pickiest player should find something of his interest.’
Carsten Hansen at ChessCafe

‘Vivid, full of ideas, and up-to-date.’
Rochade Europa Magazine (Germany)

‘Recommended to all who want to sharpen their repertoire.’
Schacknytt Magazine (Sweden)