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Chess Strategy - Revealed

Your Tool Kit of Key Concepts and Pawn Structures


Practical Chess Tutor - From Basics to Mastery 1

Essential Skills for Ambitious Improvers



A Comprehensive Guide to Intermediate Moves

As low as €24.95

Studies for Practical Players - Book 2

Improving Important Endgame Concepts

As low as €14.95
Special Price €55.95 Regular Price €62.90

Dream Moves

Eye-Opening Chess Lessons for Improvers

As low as €22.95

Rock Solid Chess - Volume 2

Tiviakov's Unbeatable Strategies: Piece Play

As low as €22.95

Winning Chess Middlegames - Volume 2

An Essential Guide to 1.e4 Pawn Structures

As low as €22.95

Perpetual Chess Improvement

Practical Chess Advice from World-Class Players and Dedicated Amateurs

As low as €19.95

The How to Study Chess on Your Own Workbook Volume 2

Exercises and Training for 1500-1800 Elo

As low as €19.95

Grind Like a Grandmaster

How to Keep Pressing until Your Opponent Cracks

As low as €19.95

Tactic Workbook 2

Informant's Collection of Instructive Tactics and Studies


What Chess Coaches Don't Tell You

A unique and informative insight to those wanting to get more out of their chess studies


Technique in Chess

Based upon Dvoretsky’s famous card files


Re-Engineering the Chess Classics

A Silicon Reappraisal of Thirty-Five Classic Games

As low as €29.95

How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

The inspirational rise of a young player


Black & White Magic

Colour complexes in chess explained

As low as €24.95

Pressure Play

The fundamental concepts to torture your opponents mercilessly


Grandmaster Training Camp 1 - Calculation!

Available in hardcover and paperback!

As low as €27.95

Techniques of Positional Play

45 Practical Methods to Gain the Upper Hand in Chess

As low as €19.95

Zlotnik's Treasure Trove

Enjoyable Chess Training for Amateurs (1600-2200 Elo)

As low as €22.95

Improve Your Chess Calculation Book of the Year 2022 - Now available in hardcover!

As low as €24.95

Irrational Chess

It’s chess, Jim, but not as we know it.


How to Out-Prepare Your Opponent

A Complete Guide to Successful Chess Opening Preparation

As low as €24.95

Rock Solid Chess

Tiviakov's Unbeatable Strategies: Pawn Structures

As low as €22.95

The How to Study Chess on Your Own Workbook

Volume 1: Exercises and Training for Club Players (1800 - 2100)

As low as €19.95

The Hidden Laws of Chess

Mastering Pawn Structures

As low as €19.95

1001 Chess Endgame Exercises for Beginners

The Tactics Workbook that also Improves Your Endgame Skills

As low as €19.95

Squeeze Play

Set problems in apparently sterile positions


Chess Endgames for Club Players

The Essential Skills for a Forceful Finale

As low as €26.99

Cognitive Chess

Improving Your Visualization and Calculation Skills


A Matter of Endgame Technique

Grandmaster Knowledge


Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar

Inspirational Lessons from the All-Time Best Female Chess Player

As low as €29.95

300 Most Important Chess Exercises

Study five a week to be a better chessplayer


Analyzing the Chess Mind

An exploration of psychology in chess