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The Hidden Laws of Chess

Mastering Pawn Structures


The How to Study Chess on Your Own Workbook

Volume 1: Exercises and Training for Club Players (1800 - 2100)


1001 Chess Endgame Exercises for Beginners

The Tactics Workbook that also Improves Your Endgame Skills


Squeeze Play

Set problems in apparently sterile positions


Think Like a Super-GM

Now also available in paperback! Winner of the ECF Book of The Year Award 2022

As low as €27.95

Chess Endgames for Club Players

The Essential Skills for a Forceful Finale

As low as €20.24

Cognitive Chess

Improving Your Visualization and Calculation Skills


A Matter of Endgame Technique

Grandmaster Knowledge


How to Out-Prepare Your Opponent

A Complete Guide to Successful Chess Opening Preparation


Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar

Inspirational Lessons from the All-Time Best Female Chess Player

As low as €22.46

Improve Your Chess Calculation

The Ramesh Chess Course - Volume 1

As low as €18.71

300 Most Important Chess Exercises

Study five a week to be a better chessplayer


Analyzing the Chess Mind

An exploration of psychology in chess


Chess Bootcamp: Beyond the Basics

A cultivation of the core skill set required to advance beyond the basics in chess


The AI Revolution in Chess

The extraordinary impact that AI has had on modern chess


Mastering Chess Logic

Tackling a woefully underexplored aspect of chess


Everyone's First Chess Workbook

Fundamental Tactics and Checkmates for Improvers – 738 Practical Exercises

As low as €9.99


Every tournament win has a unique narrative and challenge


The Secret Ingredient

to Winning at Chess


Chess Improvement

It’s All In The Mindset


World Champion Chess for Juniors

Learn From the Greatest Players Ever

As low as €9.99

The Chess Toolbox

Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know

As low as €9.99

Mastering Chess Middlegames

Lectures from the All-Russian School of Grandmasters

As low as €9.99

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame

As low as €9.99

The Best I Saw in Chess

Games, Stories and Instruction from an Alabama Prodigy Who Became U.S. Champion

As low as €12.48

Attacking Chess for Club Players

Improve Your Skills to Overpower Your Opponents

As low as €10.50

Strategic Chess Exercises

Find the Right Way to Outplay Your Opponent

As low as €9.99

Chess Tests

Reinforce Key Skills and Knowledge


Chess Logic in Practice

How to Find Logical Solutions to over the Board Problems


The Power of Pawns

Chess Structures Fundamentals for Post-Beginners

As low as €9.99

Chess for Hawks

Improve your Vision, Sharpen your Talons, Forget your Fear

As low as €9.99

Coach Yourself

A complete self-improvement programme.


Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners

The Fundamental Guide to Spotting Key Moves in the Middlegame

As low as €9.99

Under the Surface (paperback)

Dive into the mind of strong chess players.