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A Comprehensive Guide to Intermediate Moves

As low as €29.95

1000 Chess Problems

Develops your combinative flair while highlighting the beauty and profundity of chess


Turbo-Charge your Tactics 1

Drive Your Improvement

As low as €14.99

1001 Chess Exercises for Advanced Club Players

Updated edition with 6 diagrams per page - Signed copies available!

As low as €17.95
Special Price €55.95 Regular Price €62.90

Dream Moves

Eye-Opening Chess Lessons for Improvers

As low as €22.95

Key Elements of Chess Tactics

The first ever complete English translations of this legendary manual


Endgame Corner

450 Instructive Endgame Exercises


Positional Sacrifice in Modern Chess

The second part of the “Secrets of Positional Sacrifice” manual


Tactic Workbook 2

Informant's Collection of Instructive Tactics and Studies


Chessboard Combat

The Give and Take of Chess Tactics

As low as €22.95

Grandmaster Training Camp 1 - Calculation!

Available in hardcover and paperback!

As low as €27.95

Improve Your Chess Calculation Book of the Year 2022 - Now available in hardcover!

As low as €24.95

1001 Chess Endgame Exercises for Beginners

The Tactics Workbook that also Improves Your Endgame Skills

As low as €9.99

The Checkmate Patterns Manual

The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Chess

As low as €29.95

The Exchange Sacrifice according to Tigran Petrosian

Splendid collection of Petrosian’s games, exemplifying the artist at work


Tricks, Traps, and Tips in the Chess Opening

Practical Lessons for Ambitious Improvers

As low as €19.95

Tactic Workbook

Informant’s Collection of Instructive Tactics and Studies


Greatest 515 puzzles of 2021

The best OTB and online tactics of 2021


300 Most Important Chess Exercises

Study five a week to be a better chessplayer


Chess Endgame Magic & Tactics: The Smyslov Workbook

Based on the practical endgames and compositions of the seventh World Champion



Paths of Glory

Special Price €12.48 Regular Price €24.95

Oops! I Resigned Again!

Uh-Oh! That doesn't look right!?


Everyone's First Chess Workbook

Fundamental Tactics and Checkmates for Improvers – 738 Practical Exercises

As low as €19.95

Tactical Training in the Endgame

A guide through the complexities of endgame tactical play


Puzzle Quest 2020

Selected and analysed by Ivan Ivanisevic


Greatest 440 Puzzles

The Best Online Tactics from 2020


Tactical Training

Improve your sharpness!

Special Price €13.98 Regular Price €27.95

1500 Forced Mates

1500 Positions rife with tactical resources.


Your Jungle Guide to Chess Tactics

Sharpen your Tactical Skills!