Greatest 515 puzzles of 2021

The best OTB and online tactics of 2021
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"The best OTB and online tactics of 2021"

This book is the continuation of the successful puzzle-book series that started in 2012 and — due to the numerous positive feedback that we receive from our readers — has already reached the 11th edition.

The new book contains 515 puzzles divided into three chapters. You will find a huge range of tactical ideas that you can use in your own games! All the puzzles have been collected from over the board and online games throughout the year 2021. In each section, the puzzles are sorted according to the date
of the game.

The book consists of three chapters:

  • 1. Easy (270 Puzzles)
  • 2. Medium (195 Puzzles)
  • 3. Hard (50 Puzzles)

All in all 515 puzzles created by the greatest masters of our time, such as Carlsen, Nepomniachtchi, Caruana, Ding Liren and many more.

I advise you to try to solve all the combinations in each chapter one-by-one, because a less difficult solution from the “Easy” section might be even more brilliant from the beauty point of view than a “nutcracker” from the “Hard” ones. Even if a puzzle can be easily solved, it sharpens your tactical skills and makes it so much easier to fi nd solutions in a practical game, even under difficult circumstances.

To be tactically sharp is one of the basic requirements for a successful chess player!

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May 19, 2022
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