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The AI Revolution in Chess

The extraordinary impact that AI has had on modern chess


Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual - FastTrack Edition

Edited by Karsten Müller and Alex Fishbein



Paths of Glory


Dynamic Defence

Hone your defensive skill and do not feel intimidated when your opponent hurls pieces at your king.


Magnus Carlsen's Middlegame Evolution

Inside the mind of a chess genius


Attacking Strategies for Club Players

How to Create a Deadly Attack on the Enemy King

As low as €17.99

The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement

Chess Engine Training Methods, Opening Strategies & Middlegame Techniques

As low as €24.99

Attacking the Strongpoint

The Philosophy of Chess

As low as €24.95

Bishop versus Knight

The Eternal Battle - Volume 1


Mastering Chess Middlegames

Lectures from the All-Russian School of Grandmasters

As low as €16.99

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame

As low as €16.99

My System & Chess Praxis

His Landmark Classics in One Edition

As low as €19.99

The Grandmaster Mindset

A First Course to Chess Improvement


Strategic Chess Exercises

Find the Right Way to Outplay Your Opponent

As low as €18.99

Your Chess Battle Plan

Learn to decide what your general plan needs to be.


Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games

Concentrate on Strategy and Logic instead of Opening.


The Knight

The Cunning Cavalry


Chess Logic in Practice

How to Find Logical Solutions to over the Board Problems


Planning: Move by Move

First the idea and then the move!


Monster Your Middlegame Planning - Volume 2

Volume 2 of a unique concept of teaching middlegame strategies.


Robert Ris: How to Make a Plan

FritzTrainer Strategy


Monster Your Middlegame Planning - Volume 1

A unique concept of teaching middlegame strategies.


The Power of Pawns

Chess Structures Fundamentals for Post-Beginners

As low as €13.99

Say No to Chess Principles!

Learn to break the rules and create completely new ones.


Chess for Hawks

Improve your Vision, Sharpen your Talons, Forget your Fear

As low as €17.99

Strategic Plans: 75 Modern Battles

This book contains 75 deeply annotated positional games that show players how to devise plans.