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The Art of The Endgame - Revised Edition

My Journeys in the Magical World of Endgame Studies

As low as €22.95

Chessboard Combat

The Give and Take of Chess Tactics

As low as €22.95

The Chess Pub Quiz Puzzle Book

Who is MC Hammer and other Chess Trivia

As low as €12.95

The Pawn Study Composer's Manual

New edition updated and edited by Sergei Tkachenko


1001 Chess Endgame Exercises for Beginners

The Tactics Workbook that also Improves Your Endgame Skills

As low as €19.95

Cognitive Chess

Improving Your Visualization and Calculation Skills


Tricks, Traps, and Tips in the Chess Opening

Practical Lessons for Ambitious Improvers

As low as €12.50

Greatest 515 puzzles of 2021

The best OTB and online tactics of 2021


300 Most Important Chess Exercises

Study five a week to be a better chessplayer


Think Like a Super-GM - Hardcover

Combining the chess insights of an elite GM with a scientific investigation into thinking at the chess board


1001 Chess Exercises for Advanced Club Players

Spot Those Killer Moves and Stun Your Opponent

As low as €17.95

Everyone's First Chess Workbook

Fundamental Tactics and Checkmates for Improvers – 738 Practical Exercises

As low as €19.95

Puzzle Quest 2020

Selected and analysed by Ivan Ivanisevic


Strategic Chess Exercises

Find the Right Way to Outplay Your Opponent

As low as €18.99

Greatest 468 Puzzles - Part 2

From Practical Games of 2019


Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - 3rd Edition

The Definitive book - Themes and Terms


The Woodpecker Method hardcover

An innovative training program for players of all levels.


Greatest 550 Puzzles

From Practical Games of 2017


Greatest 551 Puzzles

From Practical Games of 2016


Chess Calculation Training

Volume 1: Middlegames


Revision and Exam 1

The Fundamentals


Mastering Mates - 1

1,111 One-move Mates


Mastering Mates - 2

1,111 Two-move, Three-move & Four-move Mates


Tactics Time 2

1001 More Chess Tactics from the Real Games of Everyday Players


Greatest 501 Puzzles

From Practical Games of 2012, Part II