Tactics Time 2

1001 More Chess Tactics from the Real Games of Everyday Players
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Tim Brennan and Anthea Carson are back!

The best way to improve at chess is to solve tactics puzzles.

Tim and Anthea only take positions from genuine amateur games and put them out there, warts and all.

They have assembled thousands of games by everyday players, and selected the most instructive tactical examples.

If you want to improve at chess but have limited time and energy available, this is your book!

Now you can study positions that are happening in games you yourself might have played.

Tim and Anthea's promise: no composed problems, no endgame studies, no puzzles that you have seen before!

Edward Scimia, About.Chess.com:
"The level of the problems is perfect for new players, and especially for children (..) The book has its purpose, and it serves it well. If you’re a chess teacher looking for a database from which to cull problems, or you’re a new player who wants a simple tactics book you can travel with that will offer real help for your chess game, Tactics Time 2 will fit the bill nicely."

Grandmaster Alex Fishbein, on 'Tactics Time':
“These problems are not contrived - they are the types of tactics likely to occur in a real game. Tim Brennan and Anthea Carson made sure to include diverse positions; you will find opening checkmates and pawn endings.”

James E. DuBois, ChessCafe, on 'Tactics Time':
"Tactics Time is right on the mark for its intended audience, say, for players rated up to 1200 or so."

Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine, on 'Tactics Time':
"Ideal for juniors and inexperienced club players wanting to build up their solving confidence and to learn some new tactical ideas along the way."

British Chess Magazine:
"A beautifully presented collection of puzzles that would make an excellent present for the novice or younger player (..) A very sound introduction."

Eddy Sibbing, Max Euwe Centre Amsterdam:
"Recommended for large numbers of casual players and beginning club players."

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January 01, 2014
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