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Yusupov's award-winning Training Course

Save 15% on 9 Volumes Combined
by Artur Yusupov

Yusupov's award-winning Training Course

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Publisher: Quality Chess, 2013
Edition: Paperback medium
Items: 9
Pages: 2593
Language: English

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Winner of the prestigious Boleslavsky Medal from FIDE as the best instructional chess books in the world (ahead of Garry Kasparov and Mark Dvoretsky in 2nd and 3rd place).

Quality Chess is the proud publisher of Artur Yusupov's complete course of chess training. Stretching to nine volumes, Yusupov guides the reader towards a higher chess understanding using carefully selected positions and advice. To make sure that this new knowledge sticks, it is then tested by a selection of puzzles.

The course consists of three series, each with three levels. The Fundamentals Series is the easier one, Beyond the Basics is more challenging, and Mastery is quite difficult, even for stronger players.

The various topics – Tactics, Strategy, Positional Play, the Endgame, Calculating Variations, Openings and so on – are spread evenly over the nine volumes, giving the readers the chance to improve every area as they work through the books.

Artur Yusupov was ranked No. 3 in the world from 1986 to 1992, just behind the legendary Karpov and Kasparov. He has won everything there is to win in chess except for the World Championship.

In recent years he has mainly worked as a chess trainer with players ranging from current World Champion Anand to local amateurs in Germany, where he resides.

The Fundamentals - Beyond the basics - Mastery
Level 1                      Level 2                     Level 3  
Build up your Chess 1        Build up your Chess 2       Build up your Chess 3 BUILD UP YOUR CHESS
Boost Your Chess 1        Boost Your Chess 2       Boost Your Chess 3 BOOST YOUR CHESS
Chess Evolution 1        Chess Evolution 2       Chess Evolution 3 CHESS EVOLUTION

Save 10% on: Chess Evolution 1, 2 & 3 Combined

Save 10% on: Boost your Chess 1, 2 & 3 Combined

Save 10% on: Build up your Chess 1, 2 & 3 Combined

Save 10% on: The Fundamentals series

Save 10% on: Beyond the Basics - the series

Save 10% on: Mastery - the series

Winner of the 2009 Boleslavsky Medal from FIDE (the World Chess Federation) as the best instructional chess books in the world (ahead of Garry Kasparov and Mark Dvoretsky in 2nd and 3rd place).

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