Carlsen's Assault on the Throne: How Carlsen became the 16th Undisputed World Champion

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In 2013 chess returned to world headlines. The energetic Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen was front page news and his fans were not disappointed: the World Number 1 won the World Championship.

Carlsen’s Assault on the Throne gives an inside view of Carlsen’s dramatic journey: from one of eight challengers in the London Candidates tournament, to the near disaster in the final rounds, ending with triumph in Chennai.

With behind-the-scenes stories and top-level analysis of the games Kotronias & Logothetis have written the ultimate book on how Carlsen became the 16th undisputed World Champion.

Vassilios Kotronias is a grandmaster and nine-time Greek Champion. He is a key member of the Greek team as both a player and coach.

Sotiris Logothetis is a computer expert and highly-regarded arbiter and organiser.

GM Karsten Mueller:
"Carlsen's Assault on the Throne is a quick and really excellent piece of work. Very impressive."

IM John Donaldson:
"Magnus Carlsen became World Champion on November 22 and less than a month later Carlsen's Assault on the Throne was published. There is a long tradition of 'instant' books on World Championships and few have had any lasting value. This book is on the short list of exceptions as everything from the game analysis, background material and beautiful color photos are first rate."

Martin Rieger, SchachWelt:
"Excellent analysis and extensive background reports provide an enjoyable read... Carlsen 's Assault on the Throne is an excellent tournament book about the World Chess Championship 2013 which is on par with Bronstein's Zurich 1953"

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Edition : Hardcover
Publication date : January 1, 2013
Number of pages : 304
Publisher : Quality Chess U.K.
Weight : 710 gram
ISBN : 9781906552220