Chess Analysis - Reloaded

Turn off your engines! Why chess analysis has declined, and how to reverse it!
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Description / Chess Analysis - Reloaded

Danny Gormally is a Chess Grandmaster stuck in a fugue state. He has forgotten how to analyse - blinded by the brilliance of chess engines, every time he gets stuck he turns on the machine.

In this book he attempts to discover his love of analysis and the game of chess by attempting different methods of analysis and calculation. He asks what separates the analysis methods of an amateur player with a Grandmaster, and further still what separates the very best players from super computers.

It all culminates in the mind- bogglingly complex “Impossible quiz” where some of the most skilled players in chess are confronted by extremely complex positions. If that sounds off-putting it shouldn’t be - Gormally breaks down the material in a way that is comprehensible to any amateur player.

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ISBN 9788682852018
Weight 560.000000
Publisher Informant Publishing
Number of pages 266
Publication date Feb 15, 2024
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