Chess Magazine December 2020

The Queen's Gambit
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In this issue:

Editorial - Malcolm Pein on the latest developments in the game

60 Seconds with...Bruce Pandolfini - We discover all about the famous coach and Queen’s Gambit adviser

A Krushing Success - Irina Krush and Wesley So were victorious in the U.S. Championships

Escapism! - Matthew Lunn headed for the Dolomites along with some friends

Magnusficent - Magnus Carlsen has produced the odd instructive effort of late

How Good is Your Chess? - Daniel King looks at a wild and wonderful line of the King’s Gambit

Cryptic Chessword - A chess-themed crossword from Avid Old Swan

Find the Winning Moves - The latest puzzles from the 4NCL Online and U.S. Championships

The Queen’s Gambit - John Henderson has been enjoying Netflix’s biggest recent hit

Christmas Stocking Fillers - Some handy suggestions for Christmas from Sean Marsh

Giving Up Professional Chess - Jonathan Levitt reflects on retirement and his latest book

Never Mind the Grandmasters - Carl on the opening surprise and his encounter with Kevin Winter

5,012 Days - Steve Firth returned to OTB chess where some things never change

Chess... and my Bucket List! - While inputting James Aitken’s games, Geoff Chandler was distracted

Readers’ Letters 

Studies with Stephenson

Home News - The Caplin British Online Championships begin on December 18th

Overseas News - Rhys Cumming impressed as he made his first IM norm in Portugal

Solutions - Detailed answers to all the positions to solve this month

This Month’s New Releases - Works on the 2020 Candidates, Steinitz, and puzzles are reviewed

Saunders on Chess - John on the dangers of transcribing games into Britbase format

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December 10, 2020
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