ChessBase Magazine 196

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Highlights of this issue:

Top GMs annotate
Adhiban, Duda, Edouard, Giri, Firouzja

The great Bobby Fischer
ChessBase authors show their personal favourite game of the 11th World Champion

Dubov's Tarrasch Defence
Robert Ris on the modern way 7...cxd4 8.Nxd4 Bc5

A King's Indian Sicilian
Spyros Kapnisis explores the Kalashnikov with 6.c4 g6!?

Rediscovered Kasparov games (Part II)
German national coach Dorian Rogozenco presents impressive fragments (Video)

Fast and fascinating!
Karsten Müller presents endgames from top rapid events

From a fresh idea in the opening to a sparkling tactic finish
Can you find all the right ideas in Yu vs So!? Interactive video with Simon Williams

French - the next level
Tanmay Srinath deals with the highly tactical 10.Qd3!? in the Winawer

Two bishops vs. rook and knight
A dynamic material constellation to guarantee extra tension. Strategy by Mihail Marin

In vogue against the King's Indian
Igor Stohl investigates the modern 5.h3 0-0 6.Be3

How I countered the champ's novelty
Anish Giri analyses his victory over Magnus Carlsen

“Test against the best”
Adhiban Baskaran shows why he lost against Wesley So despite a successful opening

Royal duel in the open h-file
Show good nerves and put your king out of danger! Interactive video with Oliver Reeh

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June 29, 2020
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