Complete Games of Alekhine, Vol. 2

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Three years after the publication of the first volume of our history dealing with the life of one the most gifted worldclass chessplayers Alexander Alekhine who held the world championship title from 1927 to 1935 and again from 1935 to 1946, the reader will have a chance to delve into the pages of the second volume.

This volume describes the ups-and-downs of Alekhine's chess fortunes in the period between 1921 & 1924, which was the utmost importance in his life. Following Alekhine's departure abroad in May 1921 and his decision to remain an émigré, the Russian master embarked on the anything but easy path of a professional chessplayer.

In 1922 he settled permanently in Paris where, a few years later, he received an official residence permit and, in the second half of 1927, was awarded French citizenship. The period between 1921 - 1924 represents a total dedication to chessplaying.

In this time span Alekhine played in 11 tournaments, six chess matches and gave several dozen simultaneous exhibitions in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Czechoslovakia.

He visited a number of other European countries where on occasion he played exhibition and consultative games.

This Czech work, in English, carries on from the first volume of 1992. Tournaments games, most of them with notes, many simultaneous and so on, are interspersed with an account of Alekhine's life and travels in the key period when he was building up support for a challenge to Capablanca.

A very wide range of sources have been tapped, including national and local newspapers, so the material is fascinating. No student of chess history can fail to draw pleasure from this detailed work. An unpaged supplement of five pages contains a photocopy of the London rules of 1922 drawn up by Capablanca. (BCM, 1997, p.255)

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PART 1.: 1921
Chapter One: Postwar Germany (Vlastimil Fiala, Jan Kalendovský) ...7
Chapter Two: The International Masters` Tournament in Budapest (Jan Kalendovský, Vlastimil Fiala) ...30
Chapter Three: The Tour of The Netherlands and The Hague Tournament (Vlastimil Fiala) ...46
Chapter Four: Back in Berlin (Vlastimil Fiala) ...71
Conclusion and Notes ...74

PART 2.: 1922
Chapter One: Simultaneous Tour in Switzerland and Belgium (Vlastimil Fiala) ...78
Chapter Two: The Pistyan Tournament 1922 (Jan Kalendovský, Vlastimil Fiala) ...89
Chapter Three: The Visit of Spain ...115
Chapter Four: The Tournament in London 1922 (Vlastimil Fiala) ...127
Chapter Five: Rules and Regulations for World`s Championship (Vlastimil Fiala, Jan Kalendovský) ...152
Chapter Six: The Hastings Chess Congress (Vlastimil Fiala) ...156
Chapter Seven: The Failure in Vienna 1922 (Jan Kalendovský, Vlastimil Fiala) ...182
Conclusion and Notes ...209

PART 3.: 1923
Chapter One: The chess Winter 1923 (Vlastimil Fiala) ...212
Chapter Two: Margate 1923 (Jan Kalendovský, Vlastimil Fiala) ...229
Chapter Three: Carlsbad 1923 (Jan Kalendovský, Vlastimil Fiala) ...237
Chapter Four: Portsmouth-Southsea Congress (Jan Kalendovský, Vlastimil Fiala) ...271
Chapter Five: The Simultaneous Exhibition in Scotland (Vlastimil Fiala) ...282
Chapter Six: The Simultaneous Exhibition in England (Vlastimil Fiala) ...290
Notes ...308

PART 4: 1924
Chapter One: The Canadian Tour (Vlastimil Fiala) ...310
Chapter Two: The U.S. Tour (Vlastimil Fiala) ...333
Chapter Three: The New York Tournament 1924 (Vlastimil Fiala) ...380
Chapter Four: World Record in Blindfold Exhibition (Vlastimil Fiala;

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