An Attacking Repertoire for White with 1.d4: Ambitious Ideas and Powerful Weapons

This is a typical Moskalenko book: practical, accessible, original and inspiring.
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Viktor Moskalenko is one of the leading chess instructors of our time. Not only has he coached Masters and Grandmasters, including Ukrainian star Vassily Ivanchuk, he has also taught hundreds of classes for amateurs and his best-selling books have inspired thousands of ambitious club players all over the world.

Moskalenko’s previous and highly popular chess opening books were mainly written for the Black pieces. Now he presents an extremely powerful set of lines for White. The guiding principle of his 1.d4 repertoire is: be bold and put pressure on your opponent as early as possible.

Moskalenko does not shower you with long computer-generated variations, but has a keen eye for the essence of positions. His talent to find new resources in well-known lines results in a host of novelties, daring recommendations and cunning tricks.

When you play his lines and follow his recommendations you will frequently surprise your opponent and build up positions full of swing. Studying An Attacking Repertoire for White with 1.d4 is a delight because this is a typical Moskalenko book: practical, accessible, original, entertaining and inspiring.

Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer. The former Ukrainian champion’s recent books include The Even More Flexible French, The Wonderful WinawerTraining with Moska and The Fabulous Budapest Gambit.

"Simply sparkles with ideas." IM John Watson, The Week In Chess, on The Flexible French

"Familiarizing oneself with Moskalenko’s new ideas can only have a beneficial effect on the play of any reader, from amateur to professional." Viktor Kortchnoi on The Wonderful Winawer

"Viktor Moskalenko is back with another highly entertaining and instructive book. More books please, Moska!" Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine on Training with Moska

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : July 4, 2019
Number of pages : 368
Publisher : New in Chess
Weight : 690 gram
ISBN : 9789056918309