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Opening Repertoire: The Grünfeld Defence

Nigel Davies guides you through the Grünfeld Defence.


Playing the Grünfeld

A Combative Repertoire


Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 1

Slav Defence, Gruenfeld Defence and Blumenfeld Gambit


The Safest Grünfeld Reloaded

A completely new edition of The Safest Grünfeld.


Grandmaster Repertoire 2A - 1.d4 King's Indian and Grünfeld

Tired of Bad Positions? Try the Main Lines!


Unknown Weapons in the Grünfeld

New Alternatives to Battle White's Setups


Sabotage the Grünfeld

A Cutting-Edge Repertoire for White based on 3.f3


Winning against the Grünfeld

With Interactive Training including Video Feedback


The Ultimate Anti-Grünfeld

A Sämisch Repertoire