Power Chess for Kids Volume 2

Power Chess for Kids Volume 2

Become One of the Best Players in Your School
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More Ways to Think Ahead and Become One of the Best Players in Your School

For kids who love to amaze their friends with their chess skills, Charles Hertan presents new ways to find Power Moves, winning tactics that require thinking ahead.

In Volume 2, the four special teachers get a new colleague! Knelly the Knight arrives on the scene and will assists Zort (a computer from outer space), the Dinosaurs, the Power Chess Kids and the Chess Professor. Together they will help you to become a very dangerous chess player.

Power Chess for Kids is the most complete, practical and fun kids guide ever on learning how to win games. Forget about studying openings and endgames, Power Moves will help you to beat your opponents in all stages of the game!

Charles Hertan is a FIDE master from Massachusetts who has been teaching kids for more than thirty years. He has written a chess book for advanced players called Forcing Chess Moves: the Key to Better Calculation which was shortlisted for the Guardian Chess Book of the Year Award and won the ChessCafe Book of the Year Award.

Lukas Wedrychowski, DailyChess:
"What a wonderful series. This is really a beautiful and instructive book and a lot of children will certainly be enjoying it and getting better because of it."

Acclaim for 'Power Chess for Kids' (Volume 1):

Edward Scimia, chess.aboutcom:
“The kids I work with got a kick out of it.” 

Martin Rieger, Rochade Europa Magazine:
“When my youngest son saw the book, he immediately got excited. The drawings and the child-friendly lay-out had a magic impact on him.” 

Dr Alexey W. Root, former US Women’s Champion, author of ‘Children and Chess’:
“The organization of the book is stellar, the layout is cheerful (with cartoon-style characters) and the material is important for chess improvement.”

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Publication date:
January 1, 2013
Number of pages:
New In Chess
302 gram