Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 5: Queen's Gambit, Ragozin Variation, Vienna Variation, Lasker Variation

Volume 5 in a new opening series.
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The author presents a full opening repertory for the club player, which is analysed in six volumes. In the books you will find many novelties for both sides, with a full move-to-move presentation. Furthermore, the reader will get access to middlegame strategies, endgame techniques and common tactical motifs, which are patterning the proposed variations. In the fifth volume the openings of the Chigorin Defence, the Queen's Gambit Declined, the Tarrasch Defence, and the Semi-Tarrasch Defence are presented.
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Publication date : December 5, 2020
Number of pages : 280
Publisher : Chess Evolutionv Kft.
Weight : 530 gram
ISBN : 9786155793264