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Georgy Lisitsin was a formidable player who thrice won the Leningrad Championship – an event which was stronger than many national championships. He qualified for the immensely strong Soviet Championship eleven times, once finishing in third place, behind the champion Botvinnik. When FIDE introduced the International Master title in 1950, Lisitsin was awarded it immediately.

Key Elements of Chess Tactics: Lisitsin illustrates key tactical concepts such as pinning, discovered attacks and checks, deflection, interference and many more, building a foundation before moving on to more complex and beautiful tactical themes.

Key Elements of Chess Strategy: Lisitsin breaks down the Foundations of Strategy into categories such as piece placement, exchanges, weaknesses and prophylaxis, followed by a section on Devising a Strategic Plan, including concepts such as blockading, undermining, the initiative, pawn chains, and planning in the opening


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March 14, 2024
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