Looking for Trouble

Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess
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This book is written to address and underemphasized area of chess training and study, the identification of and reaction to threats.
For beginning and intermediate-level players, the study of tactics is paramount. Almost all tactics books take the approach of providing a position where there is a forced win, checkmate, or draw.

However Looking for Trouble – now in a revised and enlarged second edition – takes a different tack.

It helps you to recognize threats by providing over 300 highly instructive positions in which you focus on identifying and meeting threats in the opening, middlegame and endgame.

The author’s clear explanations are presented in a manner that should greatly benefit players of all levels.

National Master Dan Heisman is a chess writer and professional chess instructor in the Philadelphia area. His best-selling chess books include Elements of Positional Evaluation and Back to Basics: Tactics.

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August 31, 2006
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