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Portraits of the Heroes of a Vanished age
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Description / Russian Silhouettes - eBook

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Second edition 2003

The dissolution of the Soviet Union marked the end of a unique chapter in the history of chess.

With hindsight we can only marvel at the pivotal place the royal game occupied in the biggest country in the world. Originally embraced by Lenin as 'gymnastics of the mind', chess developed into an ideological weapon during the Cold War. Supported by the Soviet leadership, its champions, from Mikhail Botvinnik on, grew into symbols of socialist excellence.

As a respected trainer who became a world-class grandmaster after leaving Leningrad and moving to Holland in 1972, Genna Sosonko observes Soviet chess from a privileged dual perspective. Combining an insider's nostalgia with the detachment of a critical observer, he has produced unforgettable portraits of the heroes of this vanished age.

'Each time after one of those, whom this book about, passed away, I wanted to read about them. Later I realised that I wanted to read about them what I myself knew. More than this - what only I knew'.

Chess Magazine: 
"A series of unforgettable portraits of heroes from a bygone age."

Lubosh Kavalek, The Washington Post:
"A book which already looks a certainty to take the Chess Book of the Year of prize for 2001." 

Ian Rogers, The Sun Herald:
"A delightful work."

Hans Ree, NRC Handelsblad:
"Beautifully written."

Ray Edwards, British Chess Magazine:
"Russian Silhouettes is an enthralling read."

Max Pam, Het Parool:
"Highly recommended."

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