The Correct Exchange in the Endgame - Extended New Edition

When to Exchange, When to be Patient
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"New extended edition 2018"

In the Informant 120 I published an article “Going for a pawn ending — calculate the right exchange”.
Having received much positive feedback, I considered writing a book on this subject: how to decide about the transition to a pawn ending. However recently an excellent book “Liquidation on the Chess Board” has been written by Joel Benjamin and this persuaded me to reconsider the general concept and change the subject to the exchange of pieces in the endgame.

When should we exchange a piece in the endgame and when should we keep it? Why is it so important? How to make a right choice? In this book we examine different types of endings and offer guidance to decide upon the correct decision. We will focus mainly on the exchange of pieces, not pawns. The exchange of pawns will be the subject of a separate book.

Going through the instructive examples and numerous exercises you will see all the important aspects of the piece exchange in the endgame, and enrich your knowledge and understanding of the final stage of the chess game. Trying to solve the positions, you will certainly improve your decision-making ability and analysing skills.

The first edition of the book was very well accepted by chess players of different levels. Many chess coaches and teachers found it useful for their training programs.

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December 20, 2017
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