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Viktor Moskalenko’s bestselling books The Flexible French (2008) and The Even More Flexible French (2015) were hailed by reviewers from all over the world as eye-opening, full of new ideas, easy to read, sparkling, and inspirational.

Time has not stood still, and the popular French Defence has seen a lot of new developments, not in the last place thanks to Moskalenko’s books. The Ukrainian grandmaster himself has kept playing and researching his beloved chess opening and decided to write a new book with countless improvements, alternatives, new ideas and fresh weapons that will delight and surprise the reader.

As always, Moskalenko’s analysis is high-level, yet his touch is light and fresh. In his own inimitable style, he whets the reader’s appetite and shares his love for the French with gusto. The wealth of original and dynamic options in every main line proves that the French continues to be a highly intriguing defence that is very much alive.

The Fully-Fledged French is a typical Moskalenko book: practical, accessible, original, entertaining and inspiring.

Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer. Other books by the former Ukrainian champion include Training with Moska, The Fabulous Budapest Gambit, and An Attacking Repertoire for White.


Editorial reviews The Fully Fledged French

“The Ukrainian GM’s way of writing is unique and, even for newcomers, it only takes the turning of a few pages to become acquainted with, and then even seduced by, his lively style. All sorts of informative and entertaining things seem to be leaping out of the printed page! The heart of the work involves him displaying notable games (many recent, some less so) and packing them full of alternative ideas and analyses. Certain sections therein get special attention with highlighted text and snazzy labelling (with terms including Plan, Weapon, Puzzle, Trick or some combination of these) to boost their significance. It’s almost like telling a good story isn’t enough for Moskalenko who wants to make sure that you have understood all the sub-plots! There is just so much in there that reading through any game chosen at random really feels like a fully-fledged experience. This is not a repertoire book, rather an examination of a wide variety of different systems, so it should account for all tastes. It’s just tremendous fun reading through a Viktor Moskalenko book and this is no exception. With all his experience as a trainer and analyst you can hardly go wrong using this as your ‘ideas source’ for years to come. Naturally, he doesn’t go into as much detail as those other works that prefer to deal with a more limited number of lines, but the author prefers to stimulate (in all directions!) rather than saturate. So please buy this book if you want the French part of your brain to be invigorated!”
GM Glenn Flear, Yearbook 140

“The main power of this book are the introductions Moskalenko has written. With sub-headlines like ‘Ideas’ and ‘Directions’ he guides the reader in grasping the many variations, ideas and possibilities of the system. Next to these introductions he conveniently arranges the variations in model games. Now and again, within these games he brings the reader up to date with theoretical discussions. This work, written in Moskalenko’s highly characteristic style, is a welcome addition. Every player who had the French in his repertoire should buy this book.”
IM Herman Grooten, Schaaksite

“Ukrainian grandmaster Viktor Moskalenko has written a number of well-received books on the French which offer a potpourri of lines and ideas after 1.e4 e6. In ‘The Fully-Fledged French’ he continues this approach examining multiple Black choices after White’s two main tries 3.Nc3 and 3.Nd2. Moskalenko’s books are always inspirational and regular French players looking for new ideas or variations will find plenty of food for thought.”
IM John Donaldson

“Another cauldron of sizzling French ideas. Moskalenko has a unique approach to presenting his ideas, dotting his analysis with key words such as WEAPON (indicating an interesting, untested idea), TRICK (watch out for the tactic!), PLAN and PUZZLE (move-order subtlety). The first time I came across this, it felt a little gimmicky, but I’ve grown to accept and even like it, as it helps keeps you alert while reading.”
GM Matthew Sadler, co-author of ‘Game Changer’.

“I admire Moskalenko’s dedication and commitment to the French Defence. Fellow fans of 1 e4 e6 will no doubt buy this new book on trust – although they will be acquiring a significant amount of duplicate material. French Defence novices will find this book inspiring and accessible, as is the case with all of Moskalenko’s works.”
Sean Marsh, CHESS

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April 22, 2021
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