The Fully-Fledged French

The Fully-Fledged French

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About / The Fully-Fledged French

Viktor Moskalenko’s bestselling books The Flexible French (2008) and The Even More Flexible French (2015) were hailed by reviewers from all over the world as eye-opening, full of new ideas, easy to read, sparkling, and inspirational.

Time has not stood still, and the popular French Defence has seen a lot of new developments, not in the last place thanks to Moskalenko’s books. The Ukrainian grandmaster himself has kept playing and researching his beloved chess opening and decided to write a new book with countless improvements, alternatives, new ideas and fresh weapons that will delight and surprise the reader.

As always, Moskalenko’s analysis is high-level, yet his touch is light and fresh. In his own inimitable style, he whets the reader’s appetite and shares his love for the French with gusto. The wealth of original and dynamic options in every main line proves that the French continues to be a highly intriguing defence that is very much alive.

The Fully-Fledged French is a typical Moskalenko book: practical, accessible, original, entertaining and inspiring.

Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer. Other books by the former Ukrainian champion include Training with Moska, The Fabulous Budapest Gambit, and An Attacking Repertoire for White.

Praise for The Flexible French or The Even More Flexible French:

"All French players wishing to refresh their repertoire should examine this work, both for new ideas in the main lines and some tricky surprise weapons." - CHESS Monthly

"Accessible and inspirational, this is a book every 1 ..e6 player should have at the top of their shopping list." - Marsh Towers Chess Reviews

"The book simply sparkles with original ideas and has convinced me to start playing the French again." - John Anderson, Correspondence Chess Magazine

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