The Grandmaster Mindset: A First Course to Chess Improvement

A first course to chess improvement.
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“To be able to raise your level of play you will need to work hard on your chess. This book will arm you with some important chess ideas and skills but, more importantly, you will get into the grandmaster’s mind. I don’t want you to play chess the following way: he attacked me — I need to move away, I attacked him — he needs to retreat. Everyone can play like that. No, I want something completely different, I want you to think this way: how can I make a counterattack? He is controlling that square, I can’t put my piece there, wait, or can I? By this critical and creative thinking you will dig deeper into the positions and be able to spot moves or bonds between pieces which you couldn’t see before. And, what’s even more important, you will see more than your opponent!” ~ Grandmaster Alojzije Jankovic

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Publication date : May 18, 2020
Number of pages : 200
Publisher : Thinkers Publishing
Weight : 400 gram
ISBN : 9789492510778