The Modern Endgame Manual: Mastering Queen and Pawn Endgames: Vol. 1

Part of a nine book series on the Endgame. This volume covers Queen and pawn endgames.
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Become and expert and learn to enjoy even more the "silent beauty" of the endgame.

Part 1 of the first FIDE-approved endgame manual, written by 3 of the world leading experts: FIDE Senior Trainers IGM Mikhalchishin, IGM Grivas and IGM Balogh.

A total of 14 endgame books will take you step-by-step from king & pawn endgames all the way through to extremely complex and materially-unbalanced endgames.
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Choose your edition : Paperback
Publication date : January 1, 2016
Number of pages : 272
Publisher : Chess Evolutionv Kft.
Weight : 520 gram
ISBN : 9788394536206