The Modern Tiger

A Grandmaster Guide
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Tiger’s Modern from 2005 is a modern classic, but has fallen out of date.

Instead of writing a typical second edition, Tiger Hillarp Persson has chosen to write a new book on the same topic.

Building on the original framework, re-analysing every line, the Swedish grandmaster has added over forty new illustrative games to his unique interpretation of the Modern Defence.

The Modern Tiger offers a complete repertoire against 1.e4, as well as against 1.d4 when White continues with c4 and e4. For added flexibility, both a Modern line and a Pirc line are given against the critical Austrian Attack.

One of the beautiful things about the Modern, says Tiger, is that there are so may ways to play it, that you are never stuck for an alternative.

Yet, compared to the French, Caro-Kann and many other openings, you still need far less theoretical knowledge to feel comfortable.

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson is a Modern aficionado who is widely admired for his creative style and original ideas. He is a perfect fit for the Modern Defence, where a certain disregard for general rules will help you in your quest to understand the ins and outs.

Former British Champion GM Jonathan Rowson, on 'Tigers Modern':
"This is the kind of chess book that I value most highly; one in which the author seems to have enjoyed the process of writing."

GM Glenn Flear, on 'Tigers Modern' in Yearbook 76:
"The prersentation is pleasant, based on complete games and the right balance of theory in the notes to keep everybody happy (..) The author helps the less knowledgeable reader (i.e. just about everybody) with various 'rules of thumb' and keeps one entertained with a lively style full of humour."

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