The Rossolimo Sicilian - eBook

A Powerful Anti-Sicilian that Avoids Tons of Theory
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Play real chess instead of trying to memorize endless database lines! That is what the Rossolimo Sicilian offers and why this opening has become so popular with chess players all over the world.

If you play 3.Bb5 in the Sicilian, you do not need to keep up-to-date with the dazzling theoretical developments in all kinds of Open Sicilians. You can sidestep theory, play your own creative game – and still put your opponent in trouble!

Victor Bologan focuses on opening lines he learned from his trainer Viacheslav Chebanenko in his youth in Moldavia. Chebanenko’s original analyses formed the solid basis for a lot of new and ground-breaking work that Bologan has done for this opening – in practical play, but also in training sessions with Garry Kasparov.

Bologan does not tire the reader with dry variations. His verbal explanations are smooth, clear, and often humorous. He recounts the history of the line and provides a short but colourful biography of its originator, the legendary grandmaster Nicholas Rossolimo.

Victor Bologan is one of the strongest grandmasters in the world. He has won many tournaments, including the Aeroflot Open in Moscow and the Dortmund super-tournament.

He has written critically acclaimed opening books like ‘The Chebanenko Slav’ and ‘The King’s Indian: a Complete Black Repertoire’, and his ‘Victor Bologan Selected Games 1985-2004’ was an international bestseller.

Carsten Hansen, Chesscafe:
"In comparison to the material in 'Experts on the Anti-Sicilian', Bologan's book compares well (..) It is easy to read and provides good coverage with plenty of original imput."

Uwe Bekemann, German Federation for Correspondence Chess:
"Helps you to learn through understanding the material (..) I feel this is a book the chess world has been waiting for."

Dennis Monokroussos, ChessToday:
"A system opening presented in just that way: as a system. There are no variations labelled B1332212 here! (..) There's comparatively little to memorize, and what should be memorized is largely conceptual."

Max Euwe Centre, Amsterdam:
"Bologan explains the strategic ideas with great precision."

Joe Petrolito, Australasian Chess Magazine:
"The book is a great choice for a solid approach against the Sicilian defence, and it can only enhance Bologan's growing reputation as a chess author."

Marshtower Chess Reviews:
"Part of the appeal the Rossolimo holds for White players comes from the harmonious, easy development they usually obtain together with the often compromised nature of Black's Queenside pawn structure (..) It is clear that GM Bologan is a fine writer and this book is quite suitable for serious tournament players."

B.H.Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad:
"This author entertains with anecdotes and humour, but this is first and foremost an instruction book."

IM John Donaldson,
"Advocates the modern system of trading on c6, often on move 4 (..) Bologan offers his material in an approach that combines using a structure based around 'model games' and a strict opening book. This synthesis works well with the Rossolimo that is usually about ideas but can become sharp and theoretical."

Europa Rochade Magazine:
"The positions that arise leave a lot of room for your own creativity and appeal to positional players just as much as to attackers. An ideal weapon against the Sicilian with little theory and good prospects (..) The additional training tests are great." 

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