The Schliemann Defence: Move by Move: Essential Guidance and Training in The Schliemann Defence

In this book, Junior Tay invites you to join him in studying the Schliemann Defence.
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Openings expert Junior Tay examines the Schliemann Defence and its many variations. He provides repertoire options for Black, answers all the key questions and tells you all you need to know about successfully playing the Schliemann.

The Schliemann is an opening variation of the Ruy Lopez. Here Black immediately challenges the central white e-pawn with a flank thrust, seeking to demolish it instantly. By eschewing development in favour of such blatant aggression, it is not surprising that Black frequently finds himself the e5-pawn down, especially when he has to complete development himself in the process. The opening of the f-file and, often, the attainment of the bishop pair does, however, afford him chances to attack and complicate. Black’s king is usually the more exposed one, though the tactical nature of the position provides him with a truckload of tactics to get by, especially at lower levels. 

Junior Tay is a FIDE Candidate Master and an ICCF Senior International Master. He is a former National Rapid and Cairnhill Open Champion and has represented Singapore in international events, including the 1995 Asian Team Championships.

He is a frequent opening surveys contributor to New in Chess Yearbook and also writes articles for CHESS magazine. He has been a chess trainer, author and editor for the past three years, after working as a school teacher for seventeen years.

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