Winning Quickly with 1.b3 and 1...b6: Odessky’s Sparkling Lines and Deadly Traps

A book written in a highly personal tone: amusing, surprising and instructive.
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Expected Spring 2020

“I left chess in 2012. I did not touch it for several years. Then I decided to test my strength in Internet blitz. I started from scratch. The board floated before my eyes, and my knee twitched. Less than two months later, I crossed the grandmaster rating mark. My opponents, among them lots of players with a big name, played chess better than me. Surprisingly though, I knew more. On a small island of chess theory, onto which I lured them, I was better oriented. Much better! About 30% of the games ended in wins around the 20th move. A quarter of the games simply ended in mate. In all games, I opened with the moves 1.b3 and 1…b6.”

International Master Ilya Odessky is the world’s leading expert on the 1.b3 and 1…b6 chess opening systems. Despite their apparent calm, these openings are extremely sharp. Now Odessky presents his findings and achievements of recent years. His baffling traps will help you crush your opponents in the opening, with both White and Black. Ilya Odessky will entertain, amuse and surprise you in this highly unusual chess opening book full of ultra-romantic chess.

Ilya Odessky
is an International Master from Russia, a well-known chess coach and a prolific author. His previous book published by New In Chess was ‘Play 1.b3: The Nimzo-Larsen Attack, a Friend for Life’.

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Choose your edition : Paperback
Publication date : June 5, 2020
Number of pages : 352
Publisher : New in Chess
Weight : 500 gram
ISBN : 9789056918903