Yearbook 114

The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News
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Description / Yearbook 114

In the Forum we have high-class contributions by, among others, Alexey Kuzmin, Viktor Moskalenko, Dejan Antic, Bogdan Lalic and Viacheslav Zakhartsov.

Great stuff from Tata Steel can be found in Joel Benjamin’s Opening Takes and Alexey Kuzmin’s Harvest.

We have a preview of Sergey Kasparov’s latest New In Chess book, called "A Cunning Chess Opening for Black ­ Lure Your Opponent into the Philidor Swamp!"

Glenn Flear reviews five books: The Liberated Bishop Defence by Alexey Bezgodov, Hannes Langrock’s The French Defense: Rubinstein Variation, Parimarjan Negi’s Grandmaster Repertoire 1.e4 vs. the French, Caro-Kann & Philidor, Evgeny Sveshnikov's Sveshnikov vs. the Anti-Sicilians, and The Modern Tiger by Tiger Hillarp Persson.


Sicilian Defence Perenyi Attack 7.g4 SI 19.14 Adorjan
Sicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 9..xc6 SI 40.16 Duda
Sicilian Defence Paulsen/Kan 2…e6 and 4…a6 SI 41.15 Van der Wiel
Sicilian Defence Early Divergences 2.b3 SI 48.11 Fogarasi
French Defence Steinitz Variation 7....b6 FR 4.4 Tuncer
French Defence MacCutcheon Variation 6..c1 FR 5.3 Smerdon
French Defence Winawer Variation 4....e7 FR 9.1 Gonda
Caro-Kann Defence Advance Variation 6....b6 CK 4.11 A.Kuzmin
Caro-Kann Defence Advance Variation 4.h4 CK 4.14 Finkel
Scandinavian Defence 3..f3 Line SD 8.2 Tzermiadianos
Ruy Lopez Closed Lines with 9.d4 RL 20.8 Olthof
Scotch Opening Four Knights Opening 4..e2 SO 1.3 Frolyanov/Skatchkov
King’s Gambit KG Declined 2....c6 KG 5.1 Wolochowicz
Various Openings Bogo-Indian Defence 2....b4+ VO 22.9 Antic
Queen’s Gambit Declined Blackburne Variation 5..f4 QO 1.5 Ikonnikov
Queen’s Gambit Declined Blackburne Variation 5..f4 QO 2.10 Stohl
Slav Defence Krause Variation 6....bd7 SL 4.5 Karolyi
Queen’s Gambit Accepted Central Variation 3.e4 QG 3.7 Raetsky/Chetverik
Nimzo-Indian Defence Ragozin Variation 5..g5 NI 27.5 Prasanna
King’s Indian Defence Classical Variation 8..e3 KI 8.8 K.Szabo
King’s Indian Defence Sämisch Variation 5...0-0 KI 36.8 Van der Tak
King’s Indian Defence Fianchetto Variation 3.g3 KI 71.7 Adhiban
King’s Indian Defence Fianchetto Variation 7....f5 KI 72.2 Illingworth
Benoni Defence Benko Gambit 6....g7 BI 25.3 S.Kasparov
English Opening Symmetrical Variation 6....f5 EO 28.9 Mchedlishvili/Janjgava
English Opening Symmetrical Variation 5...d5 EO 46.9 I.Almasi
Réti Opening King’s Indian Attack 9.a4 RE 24.13 De Dovitiis

With more than 75 practical opening exercises to test your understanding

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