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My First Chess Opening Repertoire for White

A Ready-to-go Package for Ambitious Beginners
by Vincent Moret

My First Chess Opening Repertoire for White
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Our Price: € 19,95

Publisher: New In Chess, 2016
Edition: Paperback small
ISBN: 978-90-5691-633-6
Pages: 176
Language: English

Every chess player needs to decide which openings he is going to play. But where do you start?

The risk of drowning in the turbulent sea of opening theory is only too real for beginning amateurs.

Often your goals and ambitions will be misguided. If you are trying to win in 20 moves, copy what’s in fashion among top-GM’s or memorize variations, you are wasting your time. Most likely you will never get to play your ‘preparation’ and end up aimlessly switching from one opening to the other.

Experienced French chess trainer Vincent Moret provides a complete, ready-to-go chess opening repertoire for White with a sound set of lines that do not outdate rapidly, do not require memorization and are easy to digest for beginners and post-beginners.

To show the typical plans and the underlying ideas in the various lines of his repertoire, Moret not only selected games of grandmasters. He mainly uses games of young, improving players to highlight the errors they tend to make.

With many exercises to test your understanding of the ideas behind the repertoire.

Vincent Moret (1968) has been teaching chess and training talented youngsters for more than 20 years. Many of his pupils have won important prizes and some have become Masters and Grandmasters. A second volume with a repertoire for Black will follow soon.

IM Dirk Schuh, Rochade Europa Magazine:
"The book has a clear-cut structure. It’s all is about typical aggressive ideas in various opening systems (..) The author presents a healthy mixture of master games and games played by his pupils. He clearly shows frequent errors and motives, and one can’t hardly wait to use this stuff in the next game. Highly recommended for trainers and parents of young talents."

IM Jeremy Silman, author of 'The Amateur's Mind':
"This book is filled with exciting, tactical lines. While these won’t fool strong players, they will often wipe the beginner opponent off the board. What I like about this book is his copious prose, which gives the reader the history of the moves and the ideas and tactics."

Russ Bell, Chess.com:
"A fun, yet effective White opening repertoire, instructively presented, which the beginner-intermediate player can quickly put to use, with "minimal" study required. This is an outstanding chess book for the intended audience. Highly recommended."

Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine (UK):
"A relatively easy to learn yet reasonably sharp set of lines which could certainly be effective at club level. Time and space are also spent on explaining key middlegame ideas and structures and I found these explanations to be clear and concise (..) Useful test positions are to be found at the end of each chapter. I like these; they are not too difficult, but will definitely help readers increase their understanding of the repertoire."

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