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Magazine Introductory Subscription - Special Offer

Not sure if New In Chess Magazine brings you the entertainment and instruction you are looking for? Try this introductory subscription! You will get 3 issues for just €24.99 (incl. shipping). This includes digital access which allows you to read the magazine and replay all the games on your tablet, phone, or computer. After this trial period, your subscription will be automatically renewed to a 1-year auto-renewal subscription. This way you will never have to miss another issue! Of course, you can always cancel your subscription.


Magazine Subscription

The premier chess magazine in the world.

As low as €89.99
As low as €89.99

Magazine Subscription Digital (50% discount) - special offer

Get 50% discount on your digital subscription and enjoy the premier chess magazine in the world. You only have to choose for how long you would like to receive this 50% off.

As low as €44.99