Attacking Manual 1, 2nd Edition Hardcover

Revised and Expanded Edition
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English Chess Federation Book of the Year, 2010

British Champion Jacob Aagaard explains the rules of attack (the exploitation of a dynamic advantage) in an accessible and entertaining style. This groundbreaking work is well balanced between easily understandable examples, exercises and deep analysis.

Five years in the making, this book will surely not disappoint. Volume I deals with bringing all the pieces into the action, momentum, colour schemes, strongest and weakest points, evolution/revolution.

This is the first thorough examination of the nature of dynamics in chess, and the principles explained in this book are relevant in every chess game played. In lively no-nonsense language, Aagaard explains how the best players in the world attack.

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Key to Symbols used 4
Preface to the second edition 7
Bring it on - an introduction 9
Chapter 1 ­ Bring all your Toys to the Nursery Party 27
Chapter 2 ­ Don’t lose your Breath 57
Chapter 3 ­ Add some Colour to your Play 89
Chapter 4 ­ Size Matters! 109
Chapter 5 ­ Hit ’em where it hurts 137
Chapter 6 ­ Chewing on Granite 157
Chapter 7 ­ Evolution/Revolution 173
Chapter 8 ­ 15 Great Attacking Games 195
Chapter 9 ­ Watch Yourself take the Next Step 273
Possible Solutions 284
Index 320

IM John Donaldson:
"It might seem a little strange to see new editions [of Attacking Manual 1] so soon. Normal practice is to wait for the print run to sell out and then let some time pass, but here GM Aagaard, one of the co-owners of the publishing house Quality Chess, was dissatisfied with the physical qualities of the books (the layout and binding) and some typos in the first volume. 

Many readers might not have noticed these defects but to Aaagard, a well-regarded author who views the Attacking Manuals 1 and 2 as his best work, it was unacceptable. The first volume, Attacking Manual 1, now has a more user-friendly typesetting with generous margins on the top and bottom, exceptionally nice binding that allows the book to stay open by itself when studying and no more typos. Attacking Manual 1 is also sixty pages longer than the first edition."

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February 04, 2011
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