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The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement

Chess Engine Training Methods, Opening Strategies & Middlegame Techniques


Nepomniachtchi: Move By Move

Learn From the Games of a Super GM


Chess Informant 149

United Colours of Autumn


Grandmaster Repertoire - The Berlin Defence

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


Mastering Chess Logic

Tackling a woefully underexplored aspect of chess


The Magnus Method

The Singular Skills of the World’s Strongest Chess Player Uncovered and Explained


Yearbook 140

Chess Opening News

As low as $33.95

New In Chess 2021/6

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as $14.99

Nail It Like Nepo!

Ian Nepomniachtchi’s 30 Best Wins


ChessBase Magazine 203

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Everyone's First Chess Workbook

Fundamental Tactics and Checkmates for Improvers – 738 Practical Exercises

As low as $21.99

Caruana's Ruy Lopez

A White Repertoire for Club Players


Tactical Training in the Endgame

A guide through the complexities of endgame tactical play


New In Chess 2021/5

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as $14.99

Master Class Vol. 14: Vasily Smyslov

Smyslovs Games, Tables, Background


2020 Endgame Maze

Practice your planning and decision-making skills in the final phase of the game!


The London System in 12 Practical Lessons

Strategic Concepts, Typical Plans and Tactical Themes

As low as $22.99


Every tournament win has a unique narrative and challenge


The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume II

Attack, Defense, Planning and More


Secrets of Positional Sacrifice

The second book from the Nestorovic family chess workshop.


Chess Informant 148

Following the Sun

As low as $33.95

ChessBase Magazine 202

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Genna Remembers

Genna Sosonko's Memoirs of the Golden Age of Chess


Yearbook 139

Chess Opening News

As low as $33.95

Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 7

Benoni/Old Indian/Modern/Polish/Various