Isolani Strategy

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Isolated Queen's Pawn
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Aaron Nimzowitsch, one of the greatest chess researchers, called the problem of the isolani - his term for the isolated d-pawn - 'one of the cardinal problems in the whole theory of positional play'.

In the present book, on the basis of numerous practical examples, the authors explain the methods of attack and defence in positions with an isolated d-pawn, from just after the opening to deep into the endgame.


Grandmaster Alexander Beliavsky is best known as a four-times winner of the USSR Championship, grandmaster Adrian Mikhalchishin was a member of Karpov's training team during his epic matches with Garry Kasparov, and national master Oleg Stetsko is a highly experienced trainer and writer.

NB This is a revised, expanded and much improved edition of 'Isolated Pawn: Theory of of Chess Middlegame': full games (instead of fragments), fluent translation, more than 30% new examples.

Michael Goeller, ChessCafe:
"Besides covering the attacking possibilities afforded by the isolani, the authors also devote a large space to the defender's ressources and to isolani endgames. The portion on the endgames is very interesting (..) Though the book seems intended for players in the 1600-2200 ELO range, even lower-rated players could benefit (..) For a focused study on IQP positions and motifs there is not much better currently in print."

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September 23, 2009
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Russian Chess House
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