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6 The Battle of the Sexes
As the iconic Caleta Hotel closed its doors, the chess action in Gibraltar moved to the venerable Garrison Library.

8 NIC’s Café
Olympic gold medallist in figure skating Nathan Chen and football star Joe Burrow are two more athletes to reveal that chess is part of their training.

10 Here comes Hikaru
Following a break of 822(!) days from classical chess, streaming king Hikaru Nakamura returned to the board to win the Berlin Grand Prix and obtain an excellent position to qualify for the Candidates tournament.

15 Celeb64: Jason Statham

22 The unstoppable Norwegian
Determined to end a two-year drought, Magnus Carlsen set out to win ‘his’ Tata Steel Masters with an unshakable mindset. There was no stopping the World Champion as he defeated the four other Top-10 players and won his 8th trophy with a round to spare.

40 Infographic
Magnus Carlsen’s favourite tournament.

52 Winning with a dream score
With a sweeping win in the Challengers, Indian rising star Arjun Erigaisi (18) qualified for next year’s Tata Steel top group, earning lavish praise from Magnus Carlsen.

66 Adult improvement
James Altucher explains why you should seriously consider writing a chess book. My 60 Memorable Losses, to be precise.

69 Fair & Square
Tennis champ Stefanos Tsitsipas loves to zone in and be in the present moment as he immerses himself in a game of chess.

70 The Little Yellow Book
Gregory Serper tells the inspiring story of a most remarkable book that very few will know. It looks like a children’s chess book, but what is it really?

76 Magnus Carlsen teaches chess
He happily admits that he likes to press on relentlessly in endings that others will only too readily agree to a draw.

80 Maximize Your Tactics
Find the right moves.

82 A perfect match
Anyone eager to work on their endgame will benefit from endgame studies, says Judit Polgar.

87 What would you play?
Test your decision-making skills with Thomas ‘Toolbox’ Willemze.

92 Sadler on Books
Are you an ‘Activist’, a ‘Theorist’, a ‘Reflector’ or a ‘Pragmatist’?

97 They are The Champions
Bernardo Roselli is the national champion of Uruguay.

98 Yuri Averbakh at 100
Jan Timman pays tribute to a man of many talents who in his rich life has had a wide variety of roles in the Russian and international chess community.

106 Just Checking
When was the last time Jonas Bjerre cried?

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