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6 The Royal Game
If you wander the streets of the historical centre of The Hague on a Saturday, there is a fair chance that you will be challenged to a game of chess.

8 NIC’s Café
What happened to James Dean’s pocket chess set? Should Magnus Carlsen be happy that he joined Boris Spassky in an exclusive club? Are there still new moves to be played?

12 Your Move
Bobby Fischer certainly had a point, but no one is telling you to give up chess if you happen to like Chess960.

14 Caruana tops Bucharest
Never getting into any trouble, Fabiano Caruana edged out his rivals in the Superbet Classic to claim the $100,000 winner’s check. Arriving straight from Astana, brand-new world champion Ding Liren lacked energy and motivation and had to take a back seat.

19 Celeb64: Keanu Reeves

34 Interview: Ding Liren
The new World Champion speaks about his ambitions and about his fears in a life outside his comfort zone. In passing, he reveals the name of the other grandmaster who was helping him besides Richard Rapport.

42 The Return of Peter Svidler
Class always tells. Following a protracted break from classical chess, Peter Svidler won the 28th TePe Sigeman tournament.

62 Grandmaster Banker
Margeir Petursson’s journey from professional grandmaster to prominent banker, first in Iceland and now in Ukraine, is an extraordinary success story.

72 In Graphic Detail
Can a book primarily made up of drawings capture the complexity of Bobby Fischer’s life?

75 Fair & Square
Who looks like some wild baboon in the savannah who has just ripped open the stomach of his worst rival?

76 The WMOTB
We’ve been told countless times to look for the best move in the position in front of us. But what about the Worst Move On The Board?

80 Adult Improvement
Do you live a bullet life, a blitz life, or a classical life? In fact, they all make sense, James Altucher argues.

83 Maximize Your Tactics
Find the right moves.

84 Geza Maroczy
The Hungarian’s style is often described as defensive, but that is a one-sided assessment, Judit Polgar contends. He was an imaginative and fierce attacker as well.

89 What would you play?
Test your decision-making skills with Thomas ‘Toolbox’ Willemze.

94 Sadler on Books
Matthew Sadler shares his enthusiasm about books dedicated to solid iron logic, breath-taking mayhem and the serene heights of problem-solving.

100 Disappear, pawn
A masterpiece by the brilliant Georgian study composer David Gurgenidze inspired Jan Timman to embark on a thematic journey.

105 They are The Champions
Bokang Motsamai is the national champion of Lesotho.

106Just Checking
What is Vladimir Fedoseev’s favourite square?

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