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Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 vs Minor Defences

Tired of Bad Positions? Try the Main Lines!


The Italian Renaissance - I

Move Orders, Tricks and Alternatives


Play 1...d6 Against Everything

A Compact and Ready-to-use Black Repertoire for Club Players

As low as €16.99

Attacking with g2-g4

The Modern Way to Get the Upper Hand in Chess

As low as €18.99

Side-Stepping Mainline Theory

Cut Down on Opening Study and Get a Middlegame You Are Familiar With

As low as €19.99

An Attacking Repertoire for White with 1.d4

Ambitious Ideas and Powerful Weapons

As low as €21.99

Keep it Simple: 1.e4

A Solid and Straightforward Chess Opening Repertoire for White

As low as €21.99

Yearbook 128

McShane paints the Ruy Lopez in KID Colours


Yearbook 128 hardcover

McShane paints the Ruy Lopez in KID Colours


The Scotch Gambit

An Energetic and Aggressive Opening System for White


Playing 1.e4 - Sicilian Main Lines

Part 3 of this 1.e4 repertoire.


The Fabulous Budapest Gambit - New and Updated Edition

Much more Than Just a Sharp Surprise Weapon

As low as €20.99

The King's Indian Defence: Move by Move

Essential Guidance and Training in The King's Indian Defence


The Complete French Advance

The Most Uncompromising Way to Attack the French Defence

As low as €22.99

Winning with the Slow (but Venomous!) Italian

An Easy-to-Grasp Chess Opening for White

As low as €20.99