The Reassess Your Chess: Workbook

How to Master Chess Imbalances
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Description / The Reassess Your Chess: Workbook

In this comprehensive workbook, International Chess Master Jeremy Silman tests a player's strengths and weaknesses with 131 problems that cover openings, tactical and positional middlegames, and endgames.

Unique among books that present problems and their solutions, but offer little actual instruction, The Reassess Your Chess Workbook takes the player through the processes of problem solving and analysis and provides advice and instruction that ultimately helps him discover the major flaws imbedded in his play.

Through this method, the player is led to an understanding of a thought system that will add hundreds of rating points to his chess strength.

This workbook may be utilized with or without Silman's earlier book How To Reassess Your Chess. It may be used in the problem/solution manner described above, or its section of solutions may be read as an instruction manual itself. However one chooses to read this book, it will surely prove a font of wisdom and insight for all students of the game.

International Master Jeremy Silman is a world-class teacher, writer, and player who has won the American Open, the National Open, and the U.S. Open. He is the author of thirty-four highly popular chess books, including The Amateur's Mind, How To Reassess Your Chess, and The Complete Book of Chess Strategy. He has also written dozens of articles that have appeared in chess magazines published throughout the world.

GM Larry Christiansen, former U.S. Champion, Author of 'Storming the Barricades':
"How to Reasses Your Chess and The Reasses Your Chess Workbook should be among the first books bought by players who want to improve their game. Highly recommended!"

Patrick Hummel, Fide Master, 1999 U.S. National High School Champion:
"Silman's clarity of presentation and humorous personality have come together in this workbook to create the ultimate learning tool." 

GM Alex Yermolinksy, 1996 U.S. Champion, Author of 'The Road to Chess Improvement':
"l wish l could be a beginner again. This book makes learning about chess incredibly fun!"

More Information

ISBN 9781890085056
Weight 738.000000
Publisher Silman-James Press
Number of pages 424
Publication date Aug 16, 2001
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