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The London Files

Defanging the London System


Opening Repertoire: the Jobava System

For many years considered to be a quiet opening. No longer!


Trompowsky Attack & London System

New Ideas, Dynamic Strategies and Powerful Weapons

As low as €24.95

The London System in 12 Practical Lessons

Strategic Concepts, Typical Plans and Tactical Themes

As low as €20.95

A Practical Black Repertoire with d5, c6. Volume 1

Volume 1: The Slav and Other Defences


The Agile London System

A Solid but Dynamic Chess Opening Choice for White

As low as €19.99

Winning With the Modern London System

A Complete Opening Repertoire for White against 1.d4 d5


First Steps: Colle and London Systems

Key Ideas, Tricks and Traps


The Colle: Move by Move

Essential Guidance and Training in the Colle System