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Opening Repertoire: the Black Lion

Take away White’s initiative from a very early stage


Grandmaster Repertoire - King's Indian 2

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


Play 1...d6 Against Everything

A Compact and Ready-to-use Black Repertoire for Club Players

As low as €16.99

How Ulf Beats Black

Ulf Andersson's Bulletproof Strategic Repertoire for White

As low as €20.99

A Practical Black Repertoire with d5, c6. Volume 1

Volume 1: The Slav and Other Defences


Grandmaster Repertoire 1.d4 - The Queen's Gambit 1B

Covering the Slav, Queen’s Gambit Accepted, Chigorin, Tarrasch..


The Fianchetto Solution

A Complete, Solid and Flexible Chess Opening Repertoire

As low as €16.99

GM Repertoire 19 - Beating Minor Openings

A GM repertoire against everything except 1.d4 and 1.e4


Opening Repertoire for the Positional Player

A Complete Opening Repertoire for White and Black


Chess Opening Essentials, Volume 4

1.c4 / 1.Nf3 / Other First Moves


Chess Opening Essentials, Volume 3

Indian Defences, Complete


Chess Opening Essentials, Volume 2

1.d4 d5 / 1.d4 various / Queen’s Gambits