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The Unstoppable American

Bobby Fischer’s Road to Reykjavik

As low as €22.95

How to Study Chess on Your Own

Creating a Plan that Works… and Sticking to it!

As low as €19.95

The Fully-Fledged French

Fresh Strategies and Resources for Dynamic Chess Players

As low as €24.99

Chess for Educators

How to Organize and Promote a Meaningful Chess Teaching Program

As low as €19.95

Carlsen's Neo-Møller

A Complete and Surprising Repertoire against the Ruy Lopez

As low as €17.95

How to Become a Candidate Master

A Practical Guide to Take Your Chess to the Next Level

As low as €16.99

Timman's Triumphs

My 100 Best Games

As low as €24.95

The Grand Prix Attack - eBook

Fighting the Sicilian with an early f4

As low as €16.99

Sveshnikov vs. the Anti-Sicilians

A Complete Repertoire for Black

As low as €19.99

Anish Giri

My Junior Years in 20 Games

As low as €9.99

Power Chess for Kids Volume 2

Become One of the Best Players in Your School

As low as €9.99

Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess

Seize the Moment to Get the Advantage

As low as €18.99

The World Champions I Knew

With a foreword by Garry Kasparov

As low as €18.99

The Perfect Pirc-Modern

Strategic Ideas & Powerful Weapons

As low as €20.99

Modern Chess Preparation

Getting Ready for Your Opponent in the Information Age

As low as €17.99

The Powerful Catalan

A Complete Repertoire for White

As low as €21.99

The Complete c3 Sicilian

The Alapin Variation by its Greatest Expert

As low as €21.99

Russian Silhouettes

New Enlarged Edition

As low as €16.99

The Chebanenko Slav According to Bologan

A Popular Chess Opening Explained by a Top Player

As low as €19.95

From London to Elista

Behind the Scenes of Kramnik's Title Matches

As low as €19.99

Smart Chip from St.Petersburg

and other tales of a bygone chess era

As low as €13.99