Art of Attack in Chess

2008 Reprint of a Classic
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In this revised edition of the great classic, which has been transcribed into algebraic notation, Vladimir Vukovic expounds both the basic principles and the most complex forms of attack on the king.

In this attacking bible, Vukovic first reveals how to spot the preconditions necessary to launch an attack. Vukovic then goes deep into the timing of an assault - when to launch it, when not - and discusses when it's safe to castle.

It's a book for every chess player and covers a range of topics:

  • Attack the uncastled king
  • Attack on the king thas has lost the right to castle
  • Attacking the castled position (and how to defend against it!)
  • Mating patterns
  • Focal-points
  • The classic bishop sacrifice
  • Rank, files and diagonals in the attack
  • and much more

Each topic follows logically from the previous, binding all the concepts into a cohesive attacking guide. A study of this masterpiece will add power and brilliance to any enthusiast's play.

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August 17, 2001
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578 gram

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