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Openings - The Queen´s Gambit

Read - Understand - Play


Opening Repertoire: The Queen's Gambit

Damian Lemos guides you through the Queen's Gambit.


Begrijp Wat Je Doet: Deel 2

Damegambiet Structuren


Queen's Gambit Declined: Vienna

A complete theoretical survey of an important variation


The Modernized Nimzo

Queen's Gambit Declined


Play 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6!

A Black repertoire based on the Queens Gambit Declined.


The Queen's Gambit Declined: Move by Move

Essential Guidance and Training in The Queen's Gambit Declined


The Complete Ragozin

A Full Repertoire


Grandmaster Repertoire 1.d4 - The Queen's Gambit 1B

Covering the Slav, Queen’s Gambit Accepted, Chigorin, Tarrasch..


Power Play 23

A Repertoire for Black with the Queen's Gambit Declined


The Double Queen’s Gambit

A Surprise Weapon for Black

As low as €9.99

A Dynamic Weapon Against the Queen's Gambit Declined - 5.Bf4

With interactive training including video feedback


The Complete Albin Counter-Gambit

A Dangerous Weapon against the Queen's Gambit