• Paul Keres - Volume 1-4
    Hundreds of games, four thousand pages
    Special Price €199.95 Regular Price €249.95
  • The Unknown Fischer
    Bobby's chess games that have fallen under the radar
  • Boris Spassky's Best Games 1 (Hardcover)
    1948-1968: The Rising Star
  • Ding Liren's Best Games
    A Chess Biography
    As low as €22.95
  • Botvinnik versus Smyslov and Petrosian
    Four World Chess Championship Matches: 1954, 1957, 1958 and 1963
    As low as €24.95
  • Black & White
    The Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer
  • Max Euwe's Best Games
    The Fifth World Chess Champion (1935-’37)
    As low as €24.95
  • Max Euwe's Beste Partijen
    Wereldkampioen schaken 1935-1937
    As low as €24.95
  • Spassky's Best Games
    A Chess Biography
    As low as €19.95
  • Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen Volume 2
    The World Champion Shows His Superior Skills
    As low as €9.99
  • Mikhail Botvinnik
    The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion
  • Chess Theory from Stamma to Steinitz, 1735-1894
    The development of chess ideas in the 18ty and 19th century
  • Fischer - Spassky 1972
    Now also available in paperback!
    As low as €29.95
  • From London to Elista - now available in hardcover!
    Behind the Scenes of Kramnik's Title Matches
    As low as €19.99
  • The Immortal Games of Capablanca
    21st Century Edition
  • The Exchange Sacrifice according to Tigran Petrosian
    Splendid collection of Petrosian’s games, exemplifying the artist at work
  • Magnus Carlsen's Middlegame Evolution
    Now also available in paperback!
  • The Match of All Time
    The Inside Story of the legendary 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Chess Championship in Reykjavik
    As low as €22.95
  • The Chess Alchemist
    80 of Tal’s most interesting games, as annotated by the Magician himself
  • Chess Endgame Magic & Tactics: The Smyslov Workbook
    Based on the practical endgames and compositions of the seventh World Champion
  • The Road to Reykjavik
    Bobby Fischer's Incredible Journey to the World Championship
    As low as €29.95
  • Emanuel Lasker Volume 3: Labors and Legacy
    Chess, Philosophy and Psychology
  • Petrosian Year by Year: Volume II (1963-1984)
    The second volume on the life and games of Tigran Petrosian.
  • Carlsen vs. Nepomniachtchi
    World Chess Championship 2021
  • World Chess Championship 2021
    Ian Nepomniachtchi - Magnus Carlsen
  • The Best Endgames of the World Champions Vol 2
    From Petrosian to Carlsen
  • Chess Duels, 1924-1926
    198 games annotated by Alexander Alekhine
  • Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures
    The story of the World Champion in more than 200 photos
    As low as €9.95
  • The Magnus Method
    The Singular Skills of the World’s Strongest Chess Player Uncovered and Explained
    As low as €20.95
  • World Champion Chess for Juniors
    Learn From the Greatest Players Ever
    As low as €18.95
  • Defend Like Petrosian
    What You Can Learn from Tigran Petrosian’s Extraordinary Defensive Skills
    As low as €21.95
  • Mikhail Botvinnik: Sixth World Chess Champion
    The World Chess Champion Series
  • Petrosian Year by Year: Volume I (1942-1962)
    The first volume on the life and games of Tigran Petrosian.