Magnus Carlsen: 60 Memorable Games

The long awaited follow up on one of the most important chess books ever written, Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games.
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Description / Magnus Carlsen: 60 Memorable Games

Following on from the long success of one of the most important chess books ever written, Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games, renowned chess writer Andrew Soltis delivers a book on today’s blockbuster chess player Magnus Carlsen. 

Magnus Carlsen has been the world’s number one player for more than a decade, has won more super-tournaments than anyone ever and is still in his prime. He is the only player to repeatedly win the world championships in classical, speed and blitz chess formats. This book details his remarkable rise and how he acquired the crucial skills of 21st-century grandmaster chess.

He will defend his world championship title this autumn and if he wins, it will set a record of five championship match victories. This book take you through how he wins by analysing 60 of the games that made him who he is, describing the intricacies behind his and his opponent’s strategies, the tactical justification of moves and the psychological battle in each one.

This book is essential for chess enthusiasts, competitors and professionals of all skill sets. 

International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis is chess correspondent for the New York Post and a very popular chess writer. He is the author of many books including What it Takes to Become a Chess MasterStudying Chess Made Easy and David Vs Goliath Chess.

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ISBN 9781849946506
Weight 478.000000
Publisher Batsford
Number of pages 384
Publication date Dec 10, 2020
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