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Opening Repertoire: the Jobava System

For many years considered to be a quiet opening. No longer!


The Rossolimo for Club Players

New Ideas and Strategic Plans in a Powerful Anti-Sicilian

As low as €24.95

Trompowsky Attack & London System

New Ideas, Dynamic Strategies and Powerful Weapons


The Basman-Williams Attack

An innovative approach to dealing with the King's Indian and Grünfeld Indian Defenses


Play the Orangutan: 1 b4

A fresh, fun opening repertoire for white


Modern Chess Opening Repertoire for White

Play 1 e4 like the pros with this thoroughly up-to-date guide


Grandmaster Gambits: 1 e4

Rip your unprepared opponents apart!


The Modernized Italian Game for White

A club player needs only to master the general ideas